Global Ally

Our goal at Johnstech International is to be a role model and to do so we continue to focus on where we can make improvements or changes.  While many companies around us are struggling to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, Johnstech International is thriving, manufacturing is at capacity, and we are adding new team members to our ranks.  We’ve taken many safety & preventive measures to ensure that our employees are healthy and safe.  We recently installed security cameras and remote monitoring to our already secure headquarters facility. That is in addition to the health security measures that we have taken worldwide to preserve the supply chain and service our customers.

That said given all that progress our company has achieved over the years and most recently, the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past week and subsequent violence on streets all over the United States indicates that our country has much further to go.  Here at Johnstech, we aim to actively practice inclusion, opportunity, and innovation to benefit the semiconductor industry and the world at large through our diverse workforce, our ethics and community support through our charitable donations.

We realized that the culture we’ve built here at Johnstech over the past 30 years is unique and that we cannot take it for granted. We are already so proud of the people who make up this company and the products that we produce. Our diversity of people, language, talent, and ideas is what makes this company so special and in order to move the global community forward, we must do so together.

What does this mean for Johnstech? We recognize that it no longer sufficient to be non-racist, we intend to be actively anti-racist. We’re headed to uncharted territory and we aim to actively advocate for our values of inclusion, innovation, and opportunity. And we’ll be looking to you, our community, for your input and guidance.

In the coming months we plan to expand our service initiative to develop key partnerships with organizations that seek to eliminate systemic racism and injustice. If you’ve checked the Johnstech website or follow our company on social media, you may have seen a change in the tenor of our social awareness messaging. Currently, we are actively seeking these opportunities and have reached out to community organizations to review where Johnstech can do the most good.

Knowing all that we have ahead of us, we acknowledge that we will all mess up regarding racism. But let’s challenge ourselves to be teachable and open to correction by those who continue to face systemic racism and injustice around the world while vigilantly monitoring ourselves against being defensive of our own blind spots.

We would like to encourage employees to continue to be kind to one another. Understand that for some of our employees, our company is currently their only safe space. Johnstech, we aren’t just a company—we’re a community.


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