Pad ROL® 200XM

The XM™ contacts simply complement Johnstech’s existing Pad ROL® 200 product line to offer the same high-frequency performance as the existing ROL contacts, but in addition, offer a lower force design with a polished contact to reduce matte tin buildup and ease cleaning. The initial XM™ configuration is for 0.5 mm pitch matte tin packages. Other configurations will follow.
An example of one customer’s performance improvements included*:

  • 10-15X extended cleaning interval
  • 30% less matte tin debris
  • 40% less disturbed pad area

  • Features & Benefits (0.5 Pitch)
    Frequency 17.5GHz Matte Tin
    Pitch ≥ 0.4mm
    Temperature -65°C to 175°C
    Current Carrying Capability @ 100% 3.5A

    Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Customizable

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