Pad Series Manual Actuator – SL-VCMA

The Single-Latch Vertically Compliant Manual Actuator (SL-VCMA) features improved ergonomic, thermal, electrical and mechanical performance to help lower your lost of cost.

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Single-Latch Clamshell Design

  • Provides simple latching and actuation
  • Latches before engaging package
  • Turning knob actuates device

Vertical Actuation of Contacts

  • More consistent package contact
  • Improved coplanarity
  • Reduced X-Y movement on package

Versatile Leadbacker

  • Vertically Compliant- one leadbacker can be used for a variety of package thickness
  • Easy to replace when changing between various QFN and DFN Packages

Better Airflow to Package

  • Center holes in leadbacker and knob ensure better temperature control





10,000+ insertions

Operating Temperature: 

-55°C to 155°C

Compatible Housings: 

35.4 x 43.7mm (Multitest 99xx)  
38.1 X 38.1mm (Seiko-Epson)

Other housing sizes available upon request.