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Verticon® 100 BGA

The Verticon® 100 BGA socket /contactor is an elastomer based contactor technology featuring a combined contact profile, and proprietary plating, and solid contact dynamics providing low inductance and stable contact resistance under multiple (production) landing test conditions. The overall design architecture of the Verticon® 100 contactor enables functional test hardware interface compliance as required by precision analog/mixed signal, high speed digital and RF SOCs’ up to the millimeter wave frequency domain.

Under the continuous demand for bandwidth paving the way to 40G/100G Ethernet data rates, the Verticon® 100 performance remains unsurpassed in commercial Ethernet infrastructure SOC validation requiring extremely low jitter characteristics.

Moving to the frequency domain, Verticon® 100 equally supports the bandwidth and test requirements for millimeter wave devices ranging from commercial satellite and licensed point-point bands up to the latest 77GHz automotive radar band.

For more information about the Verticon® 100 specifications, maintenance and inspection guides, please email or you may contact your regional sales representative / distributor.

Features & Benefits
Frequency 83GHz
Pitch ≥ 0.3mm
Temperature -40°C to 155°C
Package BGA

Precision Measurements

The short contact length and solid contact architecture of the Verticon® 100 BGA contactor provides an ideal test interface for RF SOCs (up to 85GHz millimeter wave frequencies), high speed digital (40G/100G) and precision analog/mixed signal device applications.

  • Low Self Inductance (L): 0.21 nH
  • High Frequency Bandwidth: -1dB @ 68 GHz, -1.5dB @ 85GHz
  • Low, Repeatable CRES: Ave. < 50mΩ

Repeatable Results

The solid contact architecture of Verticon® 100 BGA provides a consistent electrical path length to reduce measurement variances and production retests increase first pass test yields.

  • High First Pass Yields
  • Low Test Measurement Variance, High Cpks’

Low Maintenance

Verticon® 100 BGA has a patented self-cleaning micro-wipe action that breaks through bump oxides and clears contact tip debris – resulting in extended MTBA cycles. Contact replacement is a quick spare cartridge replacement on-site.

  • Self-Cleaning Micro-Wipe action for Extended MTBA
  • Replaceable Cartridge for Fast MTTR
  • Long Life Contacts

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