About Johnstech

Johnstech offers test contactors and related services with the highest electrical and mechanical performance on the market, ensuring global semiconductor manufacturers and test houses the most stable and reliable contactors that deliver the most accurate and reliable test for a wide range of applications. With Johnstech, customers can reduce development time, transfer test seamlessly from characterization to production, increase yields, and improve overall test floor and equipment efficiency. Johnstech is your contact for higher performance device testing, delivering the accuracy that characterization testing deserves and the reliability that production demands – test after test.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing innovative, high-performance precision test solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations by applying the industry’s most knowledgeable experts to solve our customers’ toughest test challenges.

  • We instill customer confidence through exceptional quality, reliability and service.
  • We promote a culture that supports challenging the status quo and foster the willingness to change.
  • We partner with our customers to achieve mutual success and deliver unsurpassed value.

Johnstech History

David A. Johnson, President and CEO of Johnstech International Corporation, founded the company in 1991 in response to market need. Having designed and patented a number of high-speed electrical contactors and automated test handlers for several American and Japanese companies, he was aware of where the semiconductor test market was headed and what was needed to get there.

“Semiconductor manufacturers were looking for much greater mechanical life in their test sockets,” he noted. “They were getting perhaps 10,000 tests from a contactor, but they were looking for ten times that. They also wanted to dramatically reduce re-screening, which was typically being done on 5-10% of integrated circuits, with a 30-40% recovery rate. From my experience, I could see that a new standard was needed for interconnect test solutions.”

To meet this need, Johnson invented the patented Short Contact® technology used in Johnstech’s high performance contactors. Johnstech’s specially plated, S-shaped short-rigid contact replaces the wider, higher, less rigid cantilever-style contacts used in traditional sockets. This reduces the electrical length between the load board and the device under test. By shortening the effective electrical length and improving performance, Johnstech’s test solutions have helped manufacturers achieve far greater accuracy and improved reliability in test results. The increase in accuracy significantly increases bandwidth, thus helping to achieve higher production yields by allowing “guard bands” to be reduced. Johnstech’s Short Contact solutions improve mechanical performance by averaging 100,000 insertions before any maintenance is required. With easily installed and maintained contacts and elastomers, contactor life for reliable performance can be extended upward to 1,000,000 insertions. These high performance contactors are leading an industry-wide move away from traditional sockets, which must be maintained at about 10,000 insertions and completely replaced at 30,000 to 50,000 tests.

Industry Standardization

Johnstech’s high performance test contactors are sold primarily to integrated circuits manufacturers requiring flexible configuration. The contactors can be adapted easily for both engineering characterization labs and production floors, eliminating the need for device re-characterization. The contactors perform both in manual and automated testing environments.

Lower Cost of Test

“Twenty to thirty percent of component cost can be factored back to testing,” noted Johnson. “Yet testing is rarely considered at the production design phase. At Johnstech, we want to help manufacturers lower their cost of testing by reducing re-screens, as well as save them development time by eliminating the need to recalculate device characterization from the lab to production.”

Standardized Manufacturing Process

Looking to keep its own products and processes flexible, Johnstech uses standard housings for all its test contactors. The number of contacts and their pitch can be changed with little retooling, so Johnstech test contactors can accommodate new package designs and semiconductor devices on short notice. The company is able to complete manufacturing of custom test contactors within four to eight weeks, compared to the usual four to six month lead time required for traditional manufacturing processes. Johnstech’s flexible process eliminates the $50,000 to $200,000 in one-time engineering expenses that manufacturers typically pay for some custom socket designs.


In an industry where change is constant, innovation is an absolute necessity. As RF, wireless, precision analog and microwave devices proliferate in communications and multi-media equipment, new test solutions for extremely high-speed logic devices are needed.

“Our customers who produce RF, microwave, and wireless IC devices require extremely short contact lead lengths to adequately test at their high operating frequencies,” said Johnson. “Johnstech is once again leading the industry into this new realm with a 1mm contact. Our high performance contactor further shortens the effective electrical length between the test electronics and the device being tested.”

Commitment to Community

Johnstech International matches employee contributions to non-profit organizations, as well as makes corporate contributions to key social and cultural organizations. Johnstech also supports internal recycling and promotes an ergonomically correct work environment for employees.