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Looking for solutions in the highly-competitive automotive and commercial market? You can rely on Johnstech to provide a high-performance, quality solution. Johnstech has taken all the best features found throughout the Spring Probe world and combined them into our designs.

Suitable for BGA, QFN, Leaded, and WLCSP applications.
o Blade - BGA, QFN, WLCSP, and Leaded
o Fine - QFN
o Knife-Edge - BGA, WLCSP, and Leaded

• The DAISHO is designed in a single-ended architecture to minimize Cres variability.
• Fully user serviceable contactor architecture – individually replaceable probes
• Pd alloy tips for easy cleaning
• Compatible with a floating alignment plate for accuracy

A lot of experience and care went into the design of these probes to provide our customers with the best features. Johnstech studied several hundred BGA packages to understand ball diameters and heights that are most prevalent. We were able to optimize the tip geometry based on this exhaustive study of the market.

All Contactors will be available for Engineering test/characterization with a Manual Actuator and are ready for high-volume Automated Testing.

Features & Benefits
Pitch ≥ 0.3mm
Temperature -65°C to 175°C
Package BGA, Dual Row QFN, LGA, Power QFN, QFN/DFN, QFP, SO, WLCSP

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