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Testing early is key to saving time and money for semiconductor device development. Johnstech test solutions for wafer level and packaged devices provide the industry’s best-in-class OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with high-volume production capabilities perfect for the consumer device marketplace.

End Uncertainty, Knowledge is Power

The semiconductor industry demands smarter solutions for less cost. From the lab to the production floor, Johnstech International is here to support your business. Whether your package is BGA, WLCSP, or QFN, Johnstech’s customized test solutions and premium services provide you with accurate data on how your device will perform in the field.


Mobile Phones

Our technology platform enables the industry’s next generation devices with ever increasing requirements for bandwidth, power handling, isolation and noise performance. Johnstech’s RF contractor solutions meet the mechanical and electrical design challenges of the latest communications and connectivity package configurations, providing design flexibility to meet impedance matching and thermal dissipation requirements.


Embrace the emerging complexity of 5G technology and add Johnstech’s customized test contactors to your system-level testing methodology. Transparent, accurate, and reliable, Johnstech brand solutions can lower your overall cost of test while overcoming the challenges of increasingly complex mixed-signal SoC devices at the core of mobile devices.


Accelerate the development of your WLAN 802.11 or WPA device with a customized semiconductor test solution from Johnstech International. Best in functionality, accuracy, and scalability, a Johnstech-designed test contactor is your best resource to seamlessly integrate into your test strategy.


Save time and money by testing your IoT devices early with Johnstech test solutions. Johnstech’s semiconductor test contactors are transparent, predictable, and consistent for a full spectrum of mm-Wave and precision analog devices. Johnstech premium services can provide you with comprehensive electrical modeling data, demystifying the performance of wearables, medical electronics, and industrial applications.

Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Customizable

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