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When you partner with Johnstech, you benefit from experts in all facets of the final test process, from characterization to production test. As a result, we’ll assist and position you to increase profits from final test, achieve lower cost of final test product ownership, and improve your equipment effectiveness. Johnstech is the leading provider of high-quality innovative test solutions that produce superior performance results for the worldwide semiconductor industry. Johnstech’s products are noted for their wipe-action where the contact tip wipes through the solder oxides and has a built-in scrub mechanism.

Product Performance Chart

Verticon 100 BGA


ROL 100A




ROL 200


ROL 200 XT


ROL 200KR Force Contact




Edge 400A




ROL 400


Measured Data– Configuration Dependent

ES-P™ Series

ESD Sensitive Solutions

Expect superior performance for precision analog, mixed signal, and RF applications that you’ve come to expect from your Johnstech ROL® solutions now available with ES-P™, our technology for housing and alignment plate materials. Proven to <100V and ideal for devices that are susceptible to electrostatic discharge events, the ES-P series does not increase the triboelectric charge in your test system that can damage your device. Take ESD protection to the next level and contact your local Johnstech sales representative for a customized test solution today.

Proven to <100V
No Triboelectric Increase
ESD protection

Spring Probe Series

Versatility Meets Reliability

Get Johnstech’s reliability, quality, and service in our newest spring probe solution for the highly competitive array marketplace. This single-ended probe design developed by Johnstech engineers, provides a more consistent CRES performance than traditional pins and is compatibility with floating alignment plates. Spring probe BGA Crown DUT and QFN/LGA Spear tips available.

Pitches down to 0.3mm
Temp Range: -55 to 155°C
Life 500,000 cycles

Verticon Series

Test Contactors

Johnstech offers BGA series test sockets and contactors for semiconductors and integrated circuit (IC) boards with the highest electrical and mechanical performance on the market.

Precision Measurements
Repeatable Results
Low Maintenance

XT Series

Test Contactors

Johnstech® XT™ Contactors include a family of test solutions that have been uniquely designed for consistent and stable tri-temp testing reliability. These XT™ Contactors include unique and proprietary, housing and elastomer combinations approved for automotive device testing for temperature ranges from -65°C to +175°C. While primarily focused on automotive applications, XT™ Contactors are ideal for all high or low temperature testing applications.

Reliability Improves Yield
Mechanically Robust

Pad Series

Test Contactors

Johnstech’s patented ROL® technology offers the best-in-class electrical performance for testing your most demanding RF/microwave communications devices to 40 GHz.

Consistent Contact Resistance
Reliable and repeatable results
Higher First Pass Yield

Leaded Series

Test Contactors

Johnstech’s patented ROL® technology brings excellent electrical performance and proven mechanical reliability for Precision Analog, Mixed Signal and RF device testing

Consistent Contact Resistance
Improved OEE
Less Frequent Cleaning

Memory Module Series

Series Test Contactors

Johnstech’s patented Edge technology exceeds the testing challenges of today’s low-voltage (1.05-1.8 VDC, 2133-3200 MHz, 3200 MT/S), DDR4 Memory Modules.

Reduced Edge Rate Degradation
Less Noise Incursion
Superior Electrical Performance

WLCSP Series

Probe Array

Delivering unsurpassed low and stable contact resistance (CRES) by optimizing among several critical engineered parameters, including effective probe signal transmission path.

Stable, Accurate Test Signals
Lowest CRES
Increase Yields, Less Retest
  • Point-to-Point
    60-70 GHz
  • Satellite Communication
    43.5 GHz
  • Gyro
    Mid-speed Digital
  • Bluetooth
    2.4 GHz
  • Current Regulator
    Low-Speed Analog
  • Manifold Air Pressure Sensor
    Low Speed Analog
  • Voltage Regulator
    Low Speed Analog
  • Radar
    77-81 GHz
  • Tire Pressure Sensor
    Low-Speed Digital