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Our Commitment to Quality


Johnstech International is committed to providing High Quality Test Solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements the first time, every time.

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Customer First Mission

  • We listen and communicate our commitment to our customers and to each other to elevate the customer’s experience.
  • We continuously innovate and develop new IP to lead the industry in products and services.
  • We maintain a reliable, high-quality based supply chain for robust reliability.
We Constantly Improve The Future Started with Johnstech™ with the first high-performance, high-volume contacting solution in the industry. 200+ patents later and we are still leading the industry.
We Ensure Quality Our Customer First mindset ensures a higher standard of quality, and results in products that are created and shipped with enthusiasm, collaboration, and authenticity.
We Protect Our Employees and the Environment We are dedicated to employee safety and in cultivating a culture of leadership. We seek out to be the leader in regulatory compliance, health and safety, and are developing new products & processes that aim to satisfy the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) needs of our customers.

Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Customizable

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