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Pad ROL® 100A ES-P

Johnstech’s Pad ROL® 100A, combined with an ESD-protective housing and/or alignment plate material, offers the best-in-class electrical performance for testing your most demanding ESD-Sensitive RF and microwave communications devices to 40 GHz. Whether you’re performing engineering tests on ESD-Sensitive high gain RF amplifiers, RF transceivers, or other 3G/4G/5G devices, the Pad ROL 100A with ES-P delivers. Engineered with robust mechanical performance, the Pad ROL 100A with an ESD-protective housing/ALPL, meets your most demanding ESD-sensitive device production needs for higher First Pass Yield, longer MTBA, resulting in lower cost of test. Contact designs for 0.3mm, 0.4mm, and ≥ 0.5mm pitches provide long contact life and long MTBA for testing your QFN and DFN matte tin and NiPdAu packages.

Johnstech’s ROL technology with ES-P, an ESD-protective material limits the triboelectric charge (proven to <100V) of the contactor for your ESD sensitive devices. Additionally, Johnstech ES-P does not affect the device RF performance.

Features & Benefits
Frequency 40GHz+
Pitch ≥ 0.3mm
Temperature -40°C to 155°C
Current Carry Capability @100% 3.1A

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