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The Johnstech RF solution portfolio covers regulatory and air interface standard requirements for HF, microwave, and mm-wave devices up to and beyond 100GHz. Our experienced engineers understand the test requirements of everything from battery emulators and pulse generators to vector network analyses to power supplies.

Johnstech International customized contactors offer near-transparent test solutions, transfer all the power to the load without loss. Our technology platform enables the industry’s next generation devices with ever increasing requirements for bandwidth, power handling, isolation and noise performance. Johnstech’s RF contactor solutions meet the mechanical and electrical design challenges of the latest communications and connectivity package configurations, providing design flexibility to meet impedance matching and thermal dissipation requirements.

Customized Testing

Johnstech engineers will help you from product development to market, so you can have the confidence that your device is compliant and free of design flaws. At Johnstech, our comprehensive premium services and data analysis mirror your device’s real-world application. We provide pre-deployment issue detection saving you both time and money.

In addition to engineering and measurement services, Johnstech International offers the best in test for RF, antenna and electromagnetic devices. Johnstech solutions for mobile wafer and package device final test offer superior performance to meet and exceed mobile device test requirements and outcomes when dealing with issues like shrinking die, thermal control, maximum current carrying capacity, and more.

Radar XCVR Mobile RFIC Base Station RF Power Amp
RF Power Amp Bluetooth Module RF Power FET
V2X RFIC Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS Combo Antenna Module/ SIP
Bluetooth/WiFi/ GPS IOT RFIC RF Front End Module
RF Power FET NFC RF Module RF Switch
RF Switch

RF Power Amp


RF Power FET

Radio Receiver Antenna Module/ SIP IoT RFIC
RF Front End Module RFID Transceiver
RF Switch


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