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Since 1991, Johnstech has led the industry with innovative final test solutions that support performance expectations and test demands of customers. Our deep test and design expertise allows us to develop test solutions for tomorrow’s requirements.

Predictable, Efficient Design and Verification

Johnstech’s test solutions provide a strong contribution for automotive device testing to overcome mmWave and precision analog testing challenges. Our “XT” series contactors are able to accommodate Automotive Electronics Council temperature ranges to  -65°C and 175°C. Whether the application is under-the-hood, infotainment or anti-collision radar, at Johnstech we understand that frequency coverage, measurement accuracy, and repeatability make a huge difference in the quality of your test. Johnstech solutions provide predictable and consistent results.


Automotive Radar

Whether your automotive radar device is 24 GHz, 77 GHz, or 81 GHz, Johnstech solutions have consistent, wide-spectrum versatility with the low CRES, signal accuracy, and repeatability required for autonomous driving and advanced driver assist systems (ADAS).


When measuring wide-bandwidth systems, it is vital to have measurement capabilities that go beyond the expected design. Johnstech test solutions accurately accommodate wide spectrums for wide design margins for scalable, reliable, and repeatable manufacturing test and validation.


Testing is an important part of V2X technology. Each device must be rigorously tested and verified to bring this new technology to market. Johnstech’s customized test contactors will seamlessly integrate into your end-to-end testing system to ensure the highest safety and quality.


The complex problems brought on by 5G technology will make conventional automotive testing tools obsolete. Johnstech’s patented ROL technology is equipped to accurately test the complex modern infotainment systems which must support multiple buses, RFs, and wireless connectivity.

Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Customizable

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