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Cost of Test

Johnstech Test Contactors decrease your cost of test based on a number of important factors you may not be thinking about.  One way to look at Test is by pure cost and cost reduction. A second and more important way to look at Test is by increased profits via increased Test Efficiency.

Johnstech Test Contactors help you make Higher Profits and save you Money on your Test Floor.

Read how Cost of Test is Not the Only Factor to Consider in Production Test!
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In the last few years the emergence of more sophisticated packages has increased Cost of Test and decreased your Profits from Test. The testing of this sophisticated packages and increased testing requirements have resulted in increased equipment costs and longer test times. By looking at today’s demands we can easily see that Increasing Profits from Test is required in today’s business!  

Cost of Ownership (COO)

Don’t confuse COO with Acquisition Cost as Acquisition Cost is only a part of the equation.

  • Test Contactor Acquisition Price
  • Contactor/Component Life Expectancy
  • Component/Spares Price

Johnstech’s Test Contactors last longer (Housings last 2 million+ insertions) and utilize less expensive Component/Spares (Costs can be 25% less than what the competition charges), the Overall Cost of Ownership for a Johnstech Test Contactor is lower.

Test Efficiency

The operating efficiency of the test cell being used for testing is often referred to as OEE.

  • Set Up Time
  • Maintenance Time
    • Ease and duration of Cleaning and Rebuilds
  • Maintenance Frequency
    • MTBA/R – Mean Time Between Assists/Rebuilds

Whether cleaning or rebuilding a Johnstech Test Contactor, maintenance is fast and easy. Also, our maintenance intervals are usually 2 times longer than our competition, leading to more test uptime and a faster test cycle.

Yields and Upbinning

How your Test Contactor helps to increase Yields while helping you upbin your devices.

  • First Pass Yields
  • Retesting
  • Upbinning Capability

Johnstech provides higher First-Pass Yields than our competition, requiring less retesting and a fast overall test cycle. Even a 1% enhancement in Yield on a 20-million test cycle nets 20,000 more devices. Add to that Johnstech’s better Upbinning ability and your Test Floor is now a Profit Center!