Product Selector

Stringent environmental and reliability requirements for industrial semiconductor devices require consistent and highly controllable test system solutions. Collaborative partnerships with the top global industrial semiconductor suppliers and related ecosystem providers enable the Johnstech technology team to meet the challenges of RF device testing.

Partner for Success

Johnstech International enhances the ability of semiconductor manufacturers to develop leading-edge solutions by offering cost-efficient, accurate, and reliable semiconductor test contactors with repeatable results for volume production. Johnstech products for package and wafer level testing address these stringent requirements to help device manufacturers achieve top supplier positions among their respective customer base.


Base Station Backhaul

The future of 5G is dependent on the industry’s ability to standardize interfaces and a fabric of high-capacity switches to accommodate massive MIMO. Johnstech International’s semiconductor test solutions are designed to help you meet the bandwidth, latency, and jitter requirements to make the future a reality.

Machine to Machine

Meet the M2M testing challenges by investing in a customized Johnstech test solution to lower the time-to-market for your device. Johnstech’s patented ROL technology offers quality test solutions for enhanced SIM/eSIM devices. Feel confident that your device possesses the temperature endurance and durability before you start mass production.


Reliability is paramount for medical device testing and Johnstech International offers the most accurate test contactors in the marketplace. Our solutions provide comprehensive data that mirror real-world results to improve yield and prevent defective devices ending up with your customer.

Remote Sensing

Meet your semiconductor test requirements for your analog, mixed-signal, and RF devices. Johnstech test solutions are transparent, accurate, and scalable for mass production so you can ensure the reliability of your chip design. Our engineers have experience working on wideband 5G devices and can help you navigate past costly mistakes for your power management ICs or RF power amplifiers.

Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Customizable

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